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Corporate Media Training

Professional Skills Advancement and Team Enhancement

We offer training workshops covering a variety of topics important to business leaders and communications professionals.

Storytelling Workshop

This workshop develops essential persuasive skills to enable participants to learn to anticipate and meet audiences needs while working to enhance or change the understanding and opinion of issues or situation. Ideally, participants have already completed the Media Training Workshop so they are familiar with media techniques and messaging.

Media Training Workshop

This workshop introduces participants to working with media in a variety of situations. Introduces essential media management skills and techniques, while providing individual feedback and tutorial through filmed practice and examples. While this is a standalone workshop, prior experience with key messaging is always welcome.

Key Messaging Workshop

This workshop delivers critical messaging skills to enable participants to learn to develop effective key messaging while working to understand how to develop and support messaging through the implementation of the Key Message House. This is a stand-alone course, no prior experience required, however, this is an excellent next step for participants who have completed the Issues Management and Governance Workshop.

Issues Management and Governance Workshop

This workshop develops strong issues management practices, including developing robust Issues and Answers documentation and governance. The focus is on document governance and institutional memory. Ensure consistent understanding and messaging throughout organizations. This is a stand-alone course, no prior experience required.

Essential Communications Strategies and Media Skills

An interactive workshop where participants will:


  • Be better informed about the implementation and application of communications and corporate affairs concepts and best practice models.

  • Engage in discussion facilitated by a senior practitioner and enhanced by short video segments from those operating at the frontline.

  • Learn from practical exercises and real-life case studies developed as learning tools.

This workshop updates Communications and Public Affairs practitioners on best practice approaches to media engagement, highlighting opportunities and pitfalls, while developing awareness of integrated media strategies that deliver results, and develop lasting relationships with media contacts.

Team Dynamics Workshop


This introductory Emergenetics workshop empowers participants to discover their personalized and collective preferences. Providing a foundational understanding of Emergenetics, Team Dynamics gives teams practical applications and insights to enhance communication and collaboration to achieve greater results. This workshop is also an excellent way to prepare crisis response and management teams, helping to ensure a high level of understanding and communications skills in advance of demanding and fast moving situations.

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