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Diversify Your Social Channels with an Eye on the Future

YouTube has the greatest share of social media users in Thailand in 2021, according to Digital Business Lab, with 94% of 55 million total internet users. Facebook is close behind with 93% of internet users. Instagram has 64%. TikTok 55%. Linkedin 24%. Right now, our own client consumer campaigns in Thailand are mostly run on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram... but Facebook is getting embroiled in controversy, per recent coverage from a whistleblower as covered by numerous media outlets including The Verge.

What to take from this? Don't let your social marketing strategy be too beholden to any one platform. Over time, new platforms disrupt the social sphere. Social audiences change usage and behavior. And a platform like Facebook can find its viability threatened by reactions to its policies.

Even now, Facebook is losing users in the USA and Canada. So, be positioned for where those users may migrate. Be prepared to shift your strategies and media spend. Adapt your content to other platforms and grow your audiences there, too. It's better to be there waiting than to chase them as they leave.

Thanks to Glen Carrie on Unsplash for the image.

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