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Manage Your Business's Web Reputation

In our day to day, we come across a surprisingly large number of companies that don't tend to their web presence, such as LinkedIn profiles that aren't completed and negative reviews on Google Business Profiles. Even if you aren't able to implement a content strategy, we suggest completing and maintaining existing profiles. These are the first things many people see about your business.

If you have poor reviews and single stars on your Google Business Profile, solicit favorable ones from satisfied customers. Everyone would rather have a stream of 5-star reviews. Google your business

- here's how:

Incomplete LinkedIn profiles are a pain, not only for yourself but for anyone who wants to link to them. We often try to tag a company in a post, only to be unsure which profile we should be tagging since the company didn't finish their profile. Complete your page! Here's a LinkedIn article with simple tips:

Set up an item in your calendar every 1-2 weeks to remind yourself to check in on your profiles.

Thanks to Greg Bulla for the great photo on Unsplash.

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