Managing Micro-influencers in 2023

Most people spend hours a day scrolling through social media. Here are some considerations in using micro-influencers to drive your business in 2023.

1. Audiences

After identifying your target group, choose influencers that are relevant to this audience to validate and support affinity with your brand.

2. Trends

Consider that influencers use their social skills in everyday life. Their familiarity with what works on their pages as well as what's trending in their areas of interests is what makes them valuable in your social activations.

3. Cost-Benefit - Celebrities vs. Micro-influencers

Celebrities cost more than micro-influencers, but this doesn't necessarily mean they perform better against your objectives. Celebrities can be good for branding, but micro-influencers often drive more engagement with their followers.

4. Flexibility

Influencers typically don't follow 9 to 5 schedules. If you need them to show up for your business events or on night or weekends, they are accustomed to working outside normal work hours, making them an important and valuable consideration for event marketing.

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