Public Relations Performance Tips for 2023

Here are five important considerations to boost your public relations performance as we prepare to enter 2023.

1. Simplify your messaging.

People’s content consumption patterns are changing, and attention spans are shorter. Keep your messages brief and to-the-point. Focus on delivering why your client and story are important. Use attention grabbing headlines. Think of how your message is easily adaptable to social. Images and video can be better than a thousand words, so use them when possible. We create infographics when possible, using visuals to make our messages more impactful.

2. Connect your clients to what they, and customers, value.

People support brands that align with their values. Increasingly, people also want to see those values put into action by brands. Put socially aware storytelling at the top of your pitching priorities, whether your clients are supporting sustainability, diversity, or other values.

3. Global awareness is more important than ever.

Keep up with trending news beyond your own market. Right now, multiple crises are taking center stage around the world. From the conflict in Ukraine to flooding in Pakistan, people won’t support brands that seem to be unaware or unsympathetic to crisis situations, wherever they are happening.

4. Pitch exclusives.

Now, media want exclusives, not stories under embargo, since they need premium content to deliver to their paying subscribers. Exclusives can lead to more coverage and help build relations with journalists. As always, tailor your pitch to the media outlet and the journalist’s own interests and recent coverage.

5. In-person events are back.

Begin tracking and capitalizing on events, again, from pitching your clients for speaking opportunities to booking them to exhibit. In just the past few months, much of Foundeast’s focus has been on live events for our clients—THAIFEX – Anuga Asia, Techsauce, GFAIR Korea in Bangkok, Sustainability Expo, and Asia International Hemp Expo. Live events afford opportunities for large amounts of concentrated coverage, content creation (video production and photography), and to make new connections.

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