Rebranding Considerations

What should you keep in mind when rebranding?

1. Start with your core messaging

For any business, regardless if you are service or product-based, messaging is elemental. Clarify what your company values are, your mission and vision, brand guidelines, and even colors! Doing this initially helps set a foundation for your company and employees

2. Consider what's working and what is not.

Do your research. Go back and review what strategies worked for you and which didn't. In most cases, not everything about your brand needs a makeover. Analyzing which elements of your business have been performing well, and which haven't, can save you lots of time and money!

3. Think about the end goal first

Thinking about the end goal helps setting a tangible and clear target for you. Putting things into perspective will also establish a

tentative deadline for you and your team to stay in check. Be wary of setting unattainable goals.

4. Work out a marketing strategy that aligns with your goals

Whether you're working with an agency or an in-house team, it's necessary that everyone working on communications is on the same page with your goals and ideas.

Finally, look monthly at metrics like social performance, lead generation, engagement, and employee satisfaction.

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Image credit: Patrik Michalika on Unsplash

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