Linkedin users and engagement are growing quickly.

According to SocialMediaToday, LinkedIn continues to see “record levels” of engagement and sessions growth. Parent company Microsoft reports, in 2022, LinkedIn revenue grew 26% in the most recent quarter, while user sessions grew 22%. Since 2018, active LinkedIn has added 47% more members around the world.

LinkedIn is offering more opportunities and resources for creators.

SocialMediaToday says, “Given the noted growth in engagement, it makes sense that LinkedIn has been putting a bigger focus on content of late, and on supporting creators, in order to help them establish stronger connections with their in-app audiences.” LinkedIn “added newsletters and LinkedIn Live access to its Creator Mode, along with improved content analytics, while it also recently expanded its Creator Accelerator Program, which provides advice and support for rising thought leaders.”

At Foundeast, we’re receiving more and more requests for LinkedIn services, from corporate content and strategies to executive branding. It makes sense when you consider LinkedIn’s growth as well as its reputation as a “safe” social space for brands and users.

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